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house cleaning service
After-Renovation Cleaning Services

The hygiene of the house can be a NIGHTMARE after the renovators are done with the house. 



Spring cleaning services are means more thorough cleaning needed to maintain and upkeep the house. Occasionally a more thorough house cleaning service is needed in the midst of

house cleaning service

welcoming the traditional festival  Free Cleaning Services Quotation
house cleaning service organising a party or event at home.
house cleaning service after party or event cleaning
house cleaning service moving in or moving out
house cleaning service clean-up house for new tenant.

We the cleaning services company understands your need to welcome your honorable guest to your well-decorated and clean house. That is because we understand that welcoming your guest to your house signifies respect, pride and integrity to both guest and host.

You can count on us to give your home the thorough house cleaning service. Not to worry, you would not need to follow every where your guest go with the mop anymore.

Spring cleaning services that we can assist in an effort to provide a healthy environment to you and your family are as follow.

House cleaning service for living room

House Cleaning Service - Living Rooms & Walkways
 house cleaning service Sweep floors
 house cleaning service Vacuum carpets and floors
 house cleaning service Dust and polish all furniture
 house cleaning service Mop hardwood and tile floors
 house cleaning service Dust and clean baseboards, book cases.
 house cleaning service Clean all glass surfaces/mirrors/picture frames.
 house cleaning service Clean and dust corners and edges, clean light switches.
 house cleaning service Door knobs, dust air vents, empty waste baskets and bagged.
 house cleaning service Clean windows/sills (inside).

 House cleaning service includes kitchen cleaning

House Cleaning Service - Kitchen
 house cleaning service

Hand wash small amount of dishes.

 house cleaning service Disinfect counter tops, garbage container.
 house cleaning service

Mop floors (Free of charge to scrub high traffic areas with heavy dirt build up).

 house cleaning service

Cleaning of exterior surfaces, cabinets, kitchen appliances.

 house cleaning service Empty garbage bin.


 House cleaning service inclusive of bathroom cleaning

House Cleaning Service - Bathroom 
 house cleaning service

Scrub floors if needed

 house cleaning service

Clean, polish and shine all wood/chrome surfaces

 house cleaning service

Clean and shine all metal items such as faucets and handles

 house cleaning service

Clean sinks, mirrors, toilets, showers, bathtubs, stand in showers, tile walls



House cleaning service includes bedroom cleaning


House Cleaning Service - Bedroom 
 house cleaning service

Mop floors

 house cleaning service

Sweep floors or vacuum if needed

 house cleaning service

Dust and polish furniture

 house cleaning service Empty rubbish bin
 house cleaning service Organizing clothes, CDs, books and other items.



A house is where family members gather and relax. Hence we prioritise our house cleaning service to achieve optimal cleanliness and tidiness as much as you care for your family health. Let us help you create the clean enivronment you need with our house cleaning service! Check out how we determine our competitive house cleaning service prices.

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Cleaning Services MalaysiaTestimonial
"Cleanliness maintained by the crew during and after event at E @Curve New Year Eve 2013 Street Party,Mutiara Damansara was well-organised serving approx. 25,000 people.Definitely a better experience dealing with the crew .With that covered,we can focus more on the core of the event

Event Company Consultant

"I am happy with the clean and organised outlook of my premise after the massive renovation. And I am able to operate my business within 2 days after the renovation.No complains!"

Proud Restaurant Owner in KL

"It is clear that cleaner personnels are well-trained when performing the cleaning services at my house. I am extremely pleased that they are well-mannered too. Keep it up!"


Cleaning Services Malaysia 

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