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Top 3 Costly Carpet Cleaning Services Myths


Had too many frustrating carpet cleaning services experiences?

Here’s what we usually get from our clients.



carpet cleaning services solution

1)  They seldom clean the carpet. And when they do, they buy the wrong cleaning products. Then they refuse to stop using it because it was too expensive to be thrown away!

      2)  They seldom engage with carpet cleaning Services Company. Hence when they do, they simply handpick the carpet cleaning Services Company offering the “cheapest price”. In the end, they get fooled for a paying more for less.


      3)  After much “carpet cleaning services”, they still don’t feel it is clean. Why?



A lot of people share the same issues & concerns above because many have the misguided mindset when it comes to carpet cleaning services.It is important to arm yourself with the knowledge in order to get the best carpet cleaning services with the best price. Else you will end up paying more for sub-par cleaning services & products or worst, ruin the entire carpet. Let’s try not to go there alright!



 Cleaning Service Information

 Cleaning ServicesDO YOU KNOW
Carpet fibers help trap particles such as dust, pollen and pet and insect dander that falls to the ground which reduces their continued circulation in the air.Hence constant proper carpet cleaning is needed to effectively remove it. Cleaning Services 

  Cleaning Services l Cleaning Services Malaysia l Part Time Maid l Cleaner l Housekeeping l Cleaning Service

Carpet needs to be treated with the right carpet cleaning method and products depending on its condition.  So let me quickly run down the top 3 costly carpet cleaning services myths!


Myth #1: My Carpet Is Just One-Year Old. Don’t Need To Clean It So Often!


Carpet Cleaning Services Company


Imagine not washing your t-shirts after you wear it frequently because you are afraid the color will wear off or string will fray faster. Seriously can you imagine the amount of dirt on it?

Every time you step on the carpet, fine particles of sand will grind against the carpet fibers. Over a period, it cuts through the carpet fibers like a knife, wearing it off sooner than you expect. Vacuuming helps but it is insufficient. The longer you wait to clean the carpet the bigger the damage you do to your carpet.



Myth #2: The Reason To Only Clean Carpet by Vacuuming Is Just To Remove Dirt.


carpet cleaning services company _

Yes, vacuuming removes the dirt but does it remove the harmful bacteria as well?  


As you walk indoors, not only you carry dirt, you will bring along harmful bacteria, pollen, and tobacco residue which are airborne. All these will eventually wind up & settle on the ground due to gravity. If there are cases of asthma, allergies & breathing problems within your family, it is are very much attributed to these harmful organism which are caught in your carpet.


Cigarette residues caught in carpet fibers can also cause breathing problems. Even if you do not smoke, the cancer causing compound from cigarette left over by a smoking member  can gradually accumulate in the carpet risking an unhealthy lifestyle. You will notice that you can breathe better once the carpet cleaning services is performed. 


In short, vacuuming is insufficient. You require professional carpet cleaning services to rid of all the danger causing diseases. Either you buy the equipments & detergents yourself which cost hundreds or simply call a professional carpet cleaning company to the rescue.


Myth #3: Choose A Carpet Cleaning Services Company offering Cheaper Price


There are two main points to note over here.


1.Carpet cleaning price that is offered may not be all the services expected to be performed.

carpet cleaning services solutionFirstly you need to know what needs to be performed. If you just want to have dirt removed, you can just find any carpet cleaning services company who has a vacuum or shampooing machine to clean it off.


However, if you need to get rid of bacteria, pollen, chemicals and tobacco residues you need to liaise with professional carpet cleaning services company that has the right product & knowledge to do it. Only then, you can maintain a healthy carpet as carpet is one of the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Hence always question what the carpet cleaning rate covers and how it is done to fulfill your carpet cleaning services requirements.


2. Advertised price may not only be the price you end up paying.

I personally find the ethics distasteful as there are some bad apples in the carpet cleaning services industry who cut-corners to mislead clients in order to boost sales. No thanks to them, they make the cleaning industry tainted with skepticism and vote of no confidence.


quality carpet cleaning services company

Carpet cleaners as such offer unbelievably cheaper prices to lure you to take their carpet cleaning services. Once they are in your premise there is no turning back as they will pressure you to pay a lot more for less because of a list of terms & conditions as per the advertisement which of course you were not aware of.


How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Quote?

To avoid all of the frustrations, it is imperative for us as the professionals to establish a clear communication with you. Before we give an estimated price for carpet cleaning services over the phone, there is much consideration when quoting. Or else we will initiate a meet up to have a look at the carpet before we deliver our promise.


carpet cleaning services company _ _Firstly we consider the size & type of carpet. Needless to say, the bigger the carpeted area the more carpet cleaning services needed to be done. There are many different types of carpet to cater for different purposes hence the material and texture varies too. This means to say some are harder to clean than others.


carpet cleaning services company _ _Secondly, when was the last time you clean the carpet. This is for us to estimate how much accumulated soil and dirt has settled in. A carpet that is not clean for years takes longer to clean than carpet that was cleaned every quarter.


carpet cleaning services company _ _Thirdly, the amount of furniture within the carpeted area. If we need to move the furniture the estimate will need to include labor cost. You can choose to save money to move it yourself. Choice is yours!


In summary, every quote is different as professional carpet cleaning companies should consider the i) size & type of the carpet ii) the last time carpet was cleaned iii)the amount of furniture within the carpeted area.  



The above are real misconceptions engraved in most carpet owner’s mindset if only they would have known better. Up till today after years of toiling in this cleaning services industry, we are relentless in providing education & professional carpet cleaning services advices to our clients on carpet cleaning . Carpet cleaning services should be a chore that should not be overlooked. The span of space it takes up the house or office can contribute to the health of your family & workers in many great ways. So make your money worth by ensuring the carpeted area serves you well as much as it is worth. Get in touch with Malaysia Cleaning  


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"I am happy with the clean and organised outlook of my premise after the massive renovation. And I am able to operate my business within 2 days after the renovation.No complains!"

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"It is clear that cleaner personnels are well-trained when performing the cleaning services at my house. I am extremely pleased that they are well-mannered too. Keep it up!"


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