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3.        Cleaning Know-Hows Sustains the Value of Your Asset.

qualityBasically, cleaning includes activities such as wiping, dusting and washing. Key distinguishing point is whether the cleaning is executed with the right solution and method.


Cleaners would say “Yes” to every cleaning requirement. Unfortunately you would not know what the cleaner knows or don’t know until it is too late. There are instances where cleaners do not know how to iron clothes or how to determine the right temperature for ironing. Needless to say the result was disastrous.


Hence never underestimate the need to set expectation with the cleaner before cleaning services. Clarify with them your checklist of priorities and requirements. Many Malaysian skip this process simply because the assumption mindset “since they are cleaners, they knows what to clean and they will clean everything and anything.” Always remember YOU are the customer, hence it is absolutely normal YOU DEMAND the rightful cleaning services you are paying for.



4.        Quick Cleaning But With the Wrong Motivation 


Motivation to cleanQuality cleaning services done with good speed is important. This is so that you can move on with your daily routines as soon as possible. However many a time, cleaning services company motivation to quickly finish is so that they are able to make it for the next assignment factoring traffic and traveling time.


With great effort to hit numerous houses in a day, cleaning services quality is compromised. That can lead to inattention to detail, loss of property or just plain bad cleaning.


To avoid this from happening, ensure a checklist is given. This includes wiping all the bathroom surfaces, kitchen counters, sweeping and mopping all the rooms etc. Otherwise liaise with an agent, as there are agencies that have an aggregate view of good cleaning services out there.



5.       Cleaning Services Company Does Not Stand Behind Their Mistakes All The Time. 


frustrationOften we will give the cleaner a benefit of doubt for the minor chip at the plate or vase. What if the product was a marble table for instance? Owner of a United States based cleaning company knew too well when one of his employees destroyed a marble table by cleaning it with a detergent (usually acidic). Luckily for the customer, they accepted full responsibility.


Not every cleaning services company will own up to their mistake(s). While larger cleaning companies are likely to pay for seemingly minor damages, not all companies are willing to do so, least to mention those self-employed cleaners.You can option to sue the company or individual but it is easier to choose  to resolve this matter outside of court. 


6.        “Yes, We Are Insured … But Really It Means Nothing” 

Are you sureSadly, customers are most likely to suffer loss if anything is stolen by the cleaner. While cleaning companies can claim up to certain amount of compensation from insurance, the process is a tedious and complicated one. To take advantage on the insurance, it must mean that, if the employee is arrested, tried and found guilty, then the bonding company will pay for a customer's property. Otherwise, it is just the cleaning company’s verbal promise against yours.


Therefore, if you are sure something is stolen etc, be sure to quickly lodge a police report.
Otherwise, a good way to prevent this whole scenario is to give preference for cleaning companies to deploy a “team’ consisting of a supervisor. Not only this cleaning system is time efficient, employees are more disciplined and less careless under supervisor’s hawk eyes.



In summary, there is always value you hire a good cleaning services company like walking into a fine dining restaurant. There are many ways to determine these aspect either by DIY investigation or a smarter choice; tapping into the knowledge database  party like us who only liaise with trustworthy cleaning companies. Get in touch with Malaysia Cleaning


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Cleaning Services MalaysiaTestimonial
"Cleanliness maintained by the crew during and after event at E @Curve New Year Eve 2013 Street Party,Mutiara Damansara was well-organised serving approx. 25,000 people.Definitely a better experience dealing with the crew .With that covered,we can focus more on the core of the event

Event Company Consultant

"I am happy with the clean and organised outlook of my premise after the massive renovation. And I am able to operate my business within 2 days after the renovation.No complains!"

Proud Restaurant Owner in KL

"It is clear that cleaner personnels are well-trained when performing the cleaning services at my house. I am extremely pleased that they are well-mannered too. Keep it up!"


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